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Are you looking for wholesales fashion in Singapore?

Whether you have an established fashion business or thinking to start an online clothing shop to supplement your income, Wholesomeness can help you.

Clothing is, of course, a necessity for people, and while there's a lot of competition out there, there's always room for newcomers to the industry.

Sourcing straight from overseas factory suppliers, we aim to offer affordable apparels to our customers. Our products are priced based on a high volume/low-profit margin strategy, hence keeping our prices low and competitive.

For bulk purchase, the discount will be automatically added to your cart when the minimum spend is met. We are offering 2 discount tiers as follows: 

- 15% OFF with minimum spend S$150

- 20% OFF with minimum spend S$300

Note that these bulk discounts cannot be used in conjunction with voucher codes offered on the website occasionally. 

READY to buy wholesales?

Here are some points you might want to know..

No MOQ Required

Unlike the common concept of wholesales buying, Wholesomeness does not set a limit on your minimum order quantity (MOQ) per item. While the bulk discount is only available with a minimum spend of $300, you can consolidate your order across multiple items to reach the target easily.

No Customisation

Product customisation is a common wishlist for fashion business owners in an attempt to distinguish themselves from their competitors. However, customisation more often than not requires high volume manufacturing, and for small scale businesses, this may result in unnecessary cost and complexity. Wholesomeness sources ready product directly from wholesales suppliers, so these products will carry their respective brand labels and individual plastic packaging.

Interested In Dropshipping?

If you are interested to start a business, without handling the physical goods themselves, Wholesomeness does offer dropshipping services in Singapore. You purchase the item with us, and we will deliver it directly to your customer locally. Email wholesomeness.sg@gmail.com to kickstart your dropshipping business or find out more below.

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