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How to Dropship on Shopee in Singapore (Step by Step Tutorial)

Side hustle, full-time job or passion. Dropshipping on e-commerce stores can help you start and expand your drive.

What is Dropship?

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In simpler terms, as a dropshipper, when you sell a product on your e-commerce stores like Shopee, your supplier packs your goods, and ship them straight to your customers. You don't have to handle or stock up the product at all. 

Let's be real, it won't get you rich overnight. But you can enjoy the continuous income from dropshipping, if you could spare a small fraction of your time per day, all from the comfort of your own home using your laptop or mobile devices. Others have made it. So can you. 

The following video walks you through the step-by-step from becoming a Shopee seller, to adding dropship products to your Shopee store, to fulfilling your customers' order.  


Video Transcripts  



Hi guys, today i’m going to go through with you a popular topic. And that is, How To Dropship On Shopee In Singapore

Before we start, it's important to note that it requires time and effort before you can dropship and sell on your Shopee store. But don't worry, I'm going to show you step by step in detail, to make things more straightforward and easier to follow. 

Once you’ve learnt how to do it, it'll be much easier for you to add dropship products and fulfil your customer orders in the future, just by using a laptop, without having to handle the goods yourself. 

Now, If this is your first dropship product listing, it helps to know that it won't be selling at thousands of pieces overnight. So it is recommended to list as many items as possible, as well as creating brand awareness for your Shopee store in order to remain competitive. The more products you list, the closer you will get to creating trending products of your own. 

Let's get to it.  

How to Register as a Shopee Seller? 

To start selling on Shopee, you have to become a Shopee seller (obviously!). And it's very easy to become a Shopee seller from a Shopee buyer. Go to the Shopee Account page to verify your phone number. Check that the details are correct. 

By default, the Shop Name and profile picture are set to your Shopee username. You can amend them to make it more relevant to the type of products you are selling. 

Click Save to update your profile.

Next, click on the Seller Centre on the top left hand corner of the Shopee page.

Register as a seller. Make sure the details are correct. If you need to make changes after submission, go to Seller Centre > Shop > Shop Profile to amend the details. 

Click Submit. Now, you are ready to sell.   



The overview for dropshipping on Shopee is:

1.Source for Products

2.Add to my Shopee Store

3.Purchase from Dropship Supplier (after receiving a customer order)

4.Submit Dropship Order

Let’s go through them one by one. 


How to Source for Products to Dropship?

To add a product, Go to Shopee homepage. Click on Seller Centre on the top left-hand corner.  

On the left-hand side panel, click on My Product.

Add New Product, and i will be directed to a page to enter the product details. If you already have in mind what products to sell, enter the product name and categories. If you have not decided yet, do a google search for 'dropship Singapore’ for some ideas. Or, If you want something quick to start with, you can try this dropship store. 

Open a new tab, and enter this address, “www.wholesomeness.sg”. Wholesomeness is a local supplier that provides dropshipping services in Singapore. Featuring over 10,000 men and women apparels, and over 100,000 SKUs to choose from for your dropship business. 

The products are directly sourced from China wholesale suppliers, which means that dropshippers can find low-priced items here in order to stay competitive. The site is easy to use and navigate, and if you do need help, you can click on the live chat box below to contact the customer support. 

So let’s say I want to sell women's clothes. And to find a product that is little more specific, I can tick the Filter Tags on the left. For example, I will try “pants, and let’s tick the “wide-legged” tag as well. Now, only the selected products will be displayed. I also want to see only the lowest priced items to dropship, because that would mean that, I have more allowance for profit margin. So, I will check the price filter as well. 

There are more than a hundred results that correspond to my selected filter tags. Let’s browse through some of them. And say, this one looks okay to me, I will click into it. 

Once I have selected a product to sell, the first thing I will do is to download all the product images, because product images are crucial in online shopping. And Instead of having to download the images one by one, a quick way to do this is to use a browser extension. For me, I use this free Google Chrome extension. 

Go to google and type "fatkun chrome" into the search bar. Click on the first result that appears, and install the extension. Once I have completed the installation, from within the product page, click the extension icon that looks like a jigsaw puzzle, and look for the extension. Open it. Choose Download [Current Tab]

By default, all the images including preview and thumbnail images will be selected for download, meaning that I will also see all the small-sized images which I don't want to download. To filter them out, drag the width bar on top of the page and select only images of 800 pixels  and above. Click Download. The images will go into my download folder, and we will use them later. 

How to Add Dropship Products to My Shopee Store?

Going back to the product page, now I need to copy and paste the Product Title into my Shopee store. You can edit the product title in your own words if you want to. Now, once I enter the product name, Shopee will suggest the product Category based on the title. Just make sure it's correct and click Next  

For Product Images, upload all the images that are downloaded previously. Shopee allows a maximum of only 9 product images. Make sure that all the main images are uploaded, and adjust the order where necessary. 

Copy and paste the Product Description from the website to Shopee store. You may also add your own template of product description to make your product stand out, and gain shoppers’' confidence when browsing your products. 

Same goes for Product Specification. A higher amount of accurate information tends to attract more shoppers to buy your products. 

Within Sales Information, click on Enable Variations. Leave the Minimum Purchase Quantity as 1, and Maximum Purchase Quantity as None. In Variation 1, enter “Colour” as Name, and fill in the variation Options according to the product I have selected. In Variation 2, enter “Size” as Name, and fill in the size OptionsRefer to the size chart in the product images, for all the listed sizes for this product. 

In Variation Information, enter the selling price of the product. As a rule of thumb, the selling price should be the total of, the product price that you purchase from your suppliers, the shipping fee, and the profit that you intend to make. 

Using this product for example, my product price after discount is $5.60, and the total shipping fee that will be charged by Wholesomeness or Shopee is $1.90. On top of that, the profit that I  want to make is $2 for every piece sold. I will list the product selling price as $9.50. 

Now, I know it's very tempting to list the product at a high selling price, and hope that somebody buys it. A piece of advice for new online stores is that the focus should always be on building brand awareness, and attracting shoppers to complete their orders. So, the intended profit margin should be kept low. Otherwise, it's highly possible that your products get flooded by those of competitors' and won't be visited by shoppers. That’s because shoppers are always looking for the best bargains for similar products.  

For Stock count, since i will preorder the products from the supplier only after i got an order. The stock is not actually from my inventory. It can be any number as long as it's not too low and gets sold out quickly. I will enter "99" for the stock count. A SKU, or Stock Keeping Unit is a unique number normally used to track a large inventory. I can leave it blank. Click "Apply To All". 

Skip the Wholesale section, since my products will be selling at the same price regardless of the order quantity. If you want to offer a Bundle Deal for this product, you can do that later after publishing the product by going to Seller Centre > Marketing Centre > Bundle Deal

Upload the product images corresponding to the Colour. Again, adjust the order where necessary. Upload the Size Chart

Check for the Weight as specified in the product details. If it's not stated, enter an estimated weight. Use a standard size of 30cm (Width) x 30cm (Length) x 5cm (Height) for the Parcel Size.

Select “SpeedPost Economy” and “Singpost - Normal Mail”, as the Shipping methods, meaning that my customer can choose either of these two options, as their preferred shipping method. 

Earlier we mentioned that the total shipping fee that will be charged to me is $1.90, regardless of the shipping method chosen by my Shopee customer. What it means is that, if my customer chooses normal Mail, Wholesomeness will charge me $1.90 for the postage fee. Or, If my customer chooses SpeedPost, Shopee will charge me 90 cents, and Wholesomeness will charge me $1, which also brings the total to $1.90. 

Again, I will only buy the product after I receive a confirmed order from my customer. So, it’s a Pre-Order product listing. This type of dropship model is great for new stores because it’s considered to be low risk, and I don't have to pay a big sum of money upfront. Select “Yes”. 

You might want to know that, Wholesomeness also provides a Ready-Stock option, if it's more suitable for your business needs, for which we'll cover in our next video. 

Enter 11 days for the Pre-Order Duration. This is to allow for some buffer time for the purchase and shipment process. It will help me avoid late fulfilment cases and the penalties that will come along with it. A Late Fulfillment is an order that is shipped after the shipping deadline. 

Select New for Condition.  

And, that's it. After I click Save and Publish, the product will be live in my store, waiting for its first order. 


What Should I Do When I Got an Order in My Shopee Store?


Purchase from Dropship Supplier (After Receiving a Customer Order) 

It's only a matter of time before I receive my first order for the product that I’ve listed. And when that happens, simply go back to the website to buy the product that my customer ordered.  

First, Register an account. The account is completely free, and allows you to easily submit a dropship order later, using the website submission form. Key in your First and Last Name, Email address and Password. Click Submit. Go to your email inbox to verify and complete the registration. 

After you have done so, go back to the homepage and Log in with your details. You will be directed to My Account page, all your previous orders can be found here. 

Go back to the product page to place an order for your customer. Choose the product color, size and quantity that your customer has placed an order for, and Add To Cart. Check that the details are correct, and click Proceed to Checkout

In Shipping Address, enter your First and Last Name. For Address, It is important that you enter “Wholesomeness Inventory” in this step. This will notify Wholesomeness that this is a dropship order. You can leave the Postal Code blank. Enter Discount Code, and click ApplyClick Continue To Shipping.

For Shipping method, select "Pay Shipping Fee Later". This is the only option for dropshippers, and you will be asked to pay shipping fee later. Click Continue to Payment.

Select your payment method and complete the payment. After payment is completed, the product is now ready to be submitted as a Dropship order.  

If you have multiple orders in a day, you don't have to repeat the process of checking out each and every item. For example, for the whole of today, my Shopee store received 6 orders from 6 different customers. I will compile the orders and check out all 6 orders at one go, then later decide which items will be shipped to which customer, when i Submit a Dropship Order which im going to show you now. 


Submit Dropship Order

Go to My Account page.

On the side panel, click on Submit Dropship Order. As you might have noticed, the product that you paid for earlier and set the shipping address as “Wholesomenness Inventory”, has already been included in your inventory for you to submit as a dropship order.

Starting from Step 1 Of 3 - Shipping Details. You can find your customer order Waybill by going to My Orders page in Shopee Seller CentreClick Arrange ShipmentClick Confirm for “I will Drop Off”. Then, click  Print Waybill and save the waybill as a PDF. Next, upload your waybill from the folder that you have saved. You can also check that you have uploaded the correct waybill details by downloading from the link. 

You may skip the Manual Input part if you have uploaded a waybill. Click Submit Shipping Details before proceeding to Step 2. 

In Step 2 Of 3 - Packing List, in your inventory, look for the item that your customer placed an order for. Click the Add button that is right next to the product, so that they are added into the packing list. The in-stock quantity in the packing list depends on the amount that I have purchased for this product variation. Select “1” in this case since my customer ordered 1 no. 

For Step 3 Of 3 - Shipping Payment, select the Shipping Method. If your customer has selected SpeedPost Economy for this order, and you have uploaded a SpeedPost waybill in above steps, then you have to select "SpeedPost Economy”, which charges S$1.00 shipping fee. Otherwise, if your customer has selected Normal Mail instead, then you must choose either “Standard Delivery”, or “Express Delivery”. In this case, my Shopee customer order is a Speedpost order, so I will select “Speedpost Economy”.  

Next, make the Shiping Payment by scanning the QR code with your preferred payment app. Enter the amount based on your selected delivery method, and add the unique code in the comment. Click Submit Dropship Order. And it’s done. That's the end of the submission!

When the item I submitted has arrived in Wholesomeness inventory in Singapore, it will be shipped according to my submitted details, and photo proof of shipment will be sent to me. I will also receive an email on my submitted Shipping Details, Packing List and Shipping Method  for my own record. 

I can then wait for my Shopee customer to confirm receipt of the purchase item and rate my service. In the event that my customer raises a non-receipt case for whatever reasons, I will need to take the photo proof of shipment that I got from Wholesomeness, and dispute it to Shopee in the Return/Refund page in Shopee Seller Centre.


Next Topic on Dropship with Ready Stock

We have come to the end of this tutorial. Thank you very much. I hope that I've covered pretty much everything you need to know to kickstart your dropship business. 

It may seem like a lot of work in the beginning. But really, it will be much easier as you get familiar with the process, and your effort will be paid off when your product listings start converting to sales. 

In our next video, we will go through the process of Dropshipping In Singapore With Ready Stock. Make sure you stay tuned and look out for our next video!



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